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Our "Reactive Rehabilitation" Program

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Your dog will be able to understand the rules of a leash and learn to relax and go for walks without needing to pull you or bark away everything in sight. You will learn how to communicate with your dog in a fast simple fair way to get them to calm down and listen to you without yelling, fighting and feeling overwhelmed with frustration. We need to get your dog to understand when you say we are done what that exactly means and teach it to your dog in a way they understand to get them to better themselves without us having to watch every move they make. I will get your dog in a more relaxed state understanding that they do not need to guard but hangout because we have everything taken care of for them. If your dog is growling or showing his or her teeth to get there way, we are here to help you now. behaviors.

Our "3 Day Loose Leash Walking Clinic"

We will work to give you the skills needed to get your dog relaxed and obedient on a leash in public. After this clinic you will have the basic understanding of how to communicate to your dog that you want them to be with you and not to guard and fight and want to run off to smell everything on the ground. With daily practice over time your dog will be walking right next to you in a calm state not worried about other people and dogs and not shut down or sad or frustrated. We have to make sure you have the skills because dogs being dogs are very pushy and you have to know the skills to have lifetime lasting results.

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